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What is Moral Money?

To answer that question you need to be somewhat of a history  buff and also interested in economics.  When you begin to dive into those subjects,  you find that the topic of money is behind a lot of what happens in the world.  That is not really unknown.  There are sayings.  “Money makes the world go round.”  “Follow the money.”  There is even a revised golden rule.  “He who has the gold, rules.”

While to a large extent, this is true, for most of us, a dollar in the pocket when we need it is the main thing that concerns us for our day-to-day needs.  There really has not been a big reason for the average person to get into economics and understand the structure behind it.

That is changing because the world is changing.  When change happens around you, one day you wake up and say, “What happened?  And then you have to take a crash course.  By that time, it is usually too late to do much about offensively charting your course.  When I say “offensively”, I am speaking in football terms.  In other words, there is offense and defense.  You just don’t want to just play defense, responding to what the other team does.  You want to play offense and proactively chart your course.

Think about Florida.  When they know a storm is coming, they put plywood up to cover the windows.  They get water, food, flashlights, and anything else needed to ride out the storm.  That is where the world is today.  All you have to do is turn on the TV and see that the world has entered into stormy waters.  Part of that has to do with the economy.  While there is no magic push button that solves all problems, you can work offensively and educate yourself as to possibilities for the future and move in a new direction.

Educating yourself about money is one thing you can do.  Rather than just thinking about money as a paper dollar in your pocket, or even $20 or $100, learn more about money, what it is and where it comes, and where it is going by clicking the window to truth below.


Truth, the first casualty






How Can the Average Person Afford Gold?

If you asked the average person if they have ever bought gold, you would probably hear different replies.  Some may have bought a gold ring, gold earrings, or a gold necklace. A few might say they have bought a gold coin. One reason many people do not purchase gold is because of the price. Whether it is in the form of a ring, necklace, earrings, bracelet, coin or bar, the price of gold can be a barrier to buying it.

To the free market, every business challenge brings its opportunity and the challenge of buying gold is no different. New ways of buying gold have emerged to make it more accessible to everyone. One new trend is to buy gold by the gram or grams. It is more affordable to purchase in small increments, than in larger amounts. To learn more about this valuable topic, click here to watch an informative eight-minute video.


ParqEx – An Exciting Idea for Those Who Can’t Find a Place to Park

Come experience the Chicago 2016 Auto Show. It is open now! This is the nation’s largest auto show, as well as the nation’s longest-running auto show with a history of 115 years. When you are not there in person, you can view what is going on through web cams. You can also keep up with the events on Facebook, Twitter, and a blog. Our social handle is #CAS16.

Not only will you be introduced to the latest in vehicles, you can also find out about ParqEx. If you haven’t heard of ParqEx, you will love this concept. Have you ever had to drive round-and-round looking for parking? You guessed it! ParqEx has the solution.

ParqEx provides on-demand parking. It is a consumer-driven solution which provides drivers with the option to rent space whether for an hour, a day, a week, or longer, from parking spot owners who have space to rent. These can be neighbors or neighborhood businesses or even churches. Anyone who has space to rent can take advantage of this.

This is a win-win situation. The driver does not have to look forever for parking, or park in a “risky” zone that may end up with a ticketed fine or a tow. The parking spot owner can monetize his extra parking space and know if the person parking it is actually the person who rented the space. ParqEx has an app where all the information is entered, including the license plate number of the person who is renting the space.

ParqEx started in the Windy City, but is expanding nationwide.

Come to the Chicago 2016 Auto Show, to view all the latest in new cars and features that make commuting and driving easy. Contact us and let us show you the ParqEx parking space app.